Kanye speaks at ADIDAS Global Brand Conference Today in Germany

I have heard Kanye West say this before. He needs to create, and create outside of the music box the world knows him most for. ADIDAS is the brand that will go out on a limb for him to bring his other passion to fruition. He was at the Global Brand Conference today and spoke about how being an artist is limitless. I couldn’t agree more. I am looking forward to seeing their collaboration come out in June! Rumor has it that his shoe line will be called Yeezi.

Something Wicked: Brittany Murphy’s Last Movie Filmed Prior to Her Death Trailer Released

Brittany Murphy passed away a little more than three years ago and now the last movie she filmed before her death is being released. According to the Huffington Post this movie will be released on April 4 in Oregon and be shown in select theaters. As many of you know Brittany Murphy was well on her way to having a long career in the movie business. However what many of you don’t know is that in 2006 Brittany Murphy recorded a song with famed DJ Paul Oakenfold which you can hear and watch the music video below. She was a multi-talented lady. Rest in Paradise Brittany Murphy.

Alex Trebec Has Gone Insane

I wanted to share this clip from the Conan O’Brien show about Jeopardy show host Alex Trebec. It is hilarious! Trebec is asking the most bizarre, well answers to the contestants and the looks on their faces are priceless. Trebec comes onto the Conan O’Brien show at the end of the clip and does NOTHING to gain any sense of normalcy. He takes it even further. Go Trebec with your crazy self! After you watch the clip and you are in the mood to hear a song about it, check out the newly released single Alex Trebec for all of you Jeopardy fans! Where’s my daily double!?

Disturbing video of a kid jumping to his death

This video is pretty shocking. A middle school student— how absurd that– yes, a MIDDLE SCHOOL student in China jumped out of the window at his school to his death. Reports are saying because of the insane requirements China enforces onto these kids. He felt so pressured he couldn’t take it obviously. My heart breaks for this kid tonight.

J LO “performing” on American Idol

I am going to give my 100% honest opinion about J Lo’s performance of her new single “I luv you Papi” on American Idol. First the cons:
1. J Lo, you are NOT, I repeat, NOT Beyonce. And even if you were, Beyonce’s crazy dance moves don’t really do anything for me.
2. Shiny nylons? Damn really, that is how you know you are getting old.
3. Please don’t sing- live. It was really hard to listen to in the beginning.
4. Is one of your dance moves seriously doing the itchy hair dance? Click to the 3:12 mark to see what I mean. And the icing on the cake, click to 3:26 to see Harry Connick Jr. mimicking (mocking?) the dance. Hilarious.
5. Chubby back up dancers do not make you look thinner. Well maybe a little.
Ok so now for the pros:
1. The radio version of that song is pretty catchy, nice summer ear candy.
2. She gets an A for effort. After all it was entertaining to watch, a train wreck in my eyes, but still, entertaining.
3. I am trying to think of something else nice to say… She really knows how to capitalize on her current situations. Explanation: Way to use American Idol to get your new semi decent single some more air play.
What did you think? Do you see what I see?

Pamela Anderson posing naked for French magazine Purple

These photos were just released by the Huffington Post as a preview to a spread (no pun intended ha ha) Pamela Anderson posed for in the French magazine Purple. She is rocking the pixie cut you may have seen her wearing recently. Some call it porn because of the nudity, some call it art. Personally I think she is going for shock value which is probably what she needs to get back on the celebrity radar. Either way it doesn’t really matter because it’s Pamela Anderson naked and who doesn’t want to see that! Ha! Hope you like them! Oh and if anyone wants to actually READ what she said in the accompanying interview (anyone? crickets?) lol you can do that here. I can tell you as a reward if you do click through to the article you will find ANOTHER photo of Pamela Anderson in her birthday suit. Enjoy!

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Ashton Kutcher to Charlie Sheen: Shut the F*ck Up! Yessssss Go Ashton!

Charlie Sheen is funny, we all laugh at him. We get it. However the joke is getting old. Ashton put on his big boy pants and gave Carlos Estevez a taste of his own medicine. I like both of the guys and now I like Ashton a little bit more for standing up to the guy who just craps on everyone around him. Watch the hilarious words Ashton directs to Charlie Sheen on Jimmy Kimmel below. Hilar! (short for hilarious– this is LA people, we don’t talk in full sentences anymore.) JK! Jump to the 3:43 mark to watch.