Artist Spotlight: Delinquent w/Rappin 4Tay

Style Life and Music presents hip hop artist Delinquent. His catalog of music goes back ten years, probably longer. I first met Delinquent when I ran Latin Affiliated Entertainment. When I interviewed him back in 2010 he was part of a group called III Grand. Since then he has went the solo route. If you want to hear what’s coming out of Tucson, Arizona, this is your best bet. Not only that, he scored a collab from Rappin 4Tay. That alone deserves mad props!!If you are too young to know who Rappin 4Tay is, Drake just paid him a cool 100K for using his lyrics. Respect. Know your rap roots kids. Check out Ballin and Pimpin featuring Rappin 4Tay and enjoy the music video below. Shout out to Jamie BZ for her cameo in the music video. If you are an upcoming artist and want to be featured here, send me your music:

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MTVs New Artist to Watch: G-Eazy sounds like…..

G-Eazy sounds like, wait for it, Macklemore? That’s a compliment. Right? This video I like visually. I can go for black and white. The background sounds like Drake. His voice sounds a little like George Watsky to me and if you don’t know who that is well then you are probably not a 13 year old boy. Those are who most of George Watskys fans are. This “new” artist (I put “new” in quotes because he’s just new to me.) He’s already been out for awhile apparently and he’s already been on the cover of Rolling Stonez (in his music video) and named the Bay’s Elvis. I see the comparison. His style is prevalent in California but I have yet to see it in the commercial realm and I am happy he got that far with it. It can be a good influence on society, in my opinion. So I just wanted to show you guys who I just discovered, through MTV and see if you have heard of him yet? Check out some of his videos below. It’s not his latest single but its the one I liked the most. One more thing, this guy really feels himself. No hate, just an observation. I am hooked.

Worth Mentioning: ESPN Host Completely Nails The Part Of The Sterling Controversy Everyone Has Ignored

Credit: The Huffington Post | by Joseph Erbentraut
Reports that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is something of a racist isn’t exactly breaking news for anyone who’s followed the NBA team at all closely over the past several decades, so why was it treated as such?

ESPN host Bomani Jones is very familiar with Sterling’s history of racism. Back in 2006, the sports writer and pundit wrote a column titled “Sterling’s racism should be news” following the Department of Justice suing Sterling for housing discrimination. Sterling allegedly refused to rent apartments he owned to African Americans, Latinos and people with children in the suit and, though he denied the charges, agreed to a settlement of $2.765 million in 2009. A separate housing discrimination lawsuit dates back to 2003.

On the Miami-based Dan Le Batard Show on Monday, Jones launched into an impassioned 10-minute speech addressing why, despite allegations of Sterling’s racism being well documented for decades, the story has been so inescapable today.

“This is the only opportunity that a lot of people have where they feel comfortable within their souls, within their psyches to stand against racism,” Jones said on the ESPN Radio program. “‘Cause it’s so easy to do it on this right here and it’s so scandalous.”

Jones went on to bring up the death of a good friend of his, 32-year-old Leonore Draper, an anti-violence activist who was fatally shot outside her Chicago home on Friday, the same night she attended an charity event she helped organize. And he explained why Sterling’s previous displays of racism mattered even more than the shocking words on audiotape.

“We hear all this stuff that goes on in Chicago and all these people who die, who lose their lives,” he said. “All that stuff that’s happening in Chicago is a byproduct of housing discrimination. … Housing discrimination is the biggest reason that we can point to historically for why we’ve got all these dead kids in Chicago fighting for turf, fighting for real estate with poor accommodations and facilities and everything that you’re supposed to have in a city, poor education, all of this because the tax dollars and everything else decided to move away.”

Jones continued:

“When we start looking at all these people in these lists who are dying as an economic byproduct of the people like Donald Sterling and you now have a problem because, oh my God, he said something that intimated that he doesn’t respect his players? I’m calling you out as a fraud.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced in a Tuesday press conference that Sterling has been banned from the NBA for life and will be fined $2.5 million.

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Kanye speaks at ADIDAS Global Brand Conference Today in Germany

I have heard Kanye West say this before. He needs to create, and create outside of the music box the world knows him most for. ADIDAS is the brand that will go out on a limb for him to bring his other passion to fruition. He was at the Global Brand Conference today and spoke about how being an artist is limitless. I couldn’t agree more. I am looking forward to seeing their collaboration come out in June! Rumor has it that his shoe line will be called Yeezi.