Jack Paul Status Update: Retired Boxer

I hope this is true. Sorry, not sorry. Jake Paul has just announced his retirement from boxing. 

One can only hope. After watching Jake Paul's third fight of entire career, with the best competitor he's faced thus far, maybe someone has spoken some sense into him. Or maybe, he knows he lost that fight. We will never know the deals that are made in boxing behind the scenes or in any other sport but anyone could see Tyron Woodley had many chances to knock Paul out; but for some reason he did not. This fight being given to Paul by decision was just another reflection of what brought Paul into this arena in the first place, and that is the fact that money will get you anywhere.

I think Pete Davidson summed it up best at Jake Paul's first fight:


I for one will not watch another fight with Jake Paul as it was clear that his last fight was skewed if not all the way rigged. His retirement announcement could be for shock factor and a marketing ploy but can we all let him return to his YouTube career and stay away from these elite events?