When "outing" someone backfires

The twitter world is going IN on Blac Chyna who attempted to jump on board when rapper Sada Baby seemingly suggested Tyga has engaged in sexual activity with a trans woman. Rumors swirled around for years that Tyga was once involved with Mia Isabella, a known trans woman. She even leaked text messages after she was accused of lying about the affair. When Sada Baby posted to his twitter (photo below) on Aug. 1, 2021 it sent the twitterverse into a tizzy as one of hip hop's biggest podcast NoJumper host Adam22 reposted this and hence caused another rift between the host and rapper Sada Baby. See below the snowball effect happening around Tyga's sexuality and after all of this the internet seems to be unamused as people are accepting the fact that anyone can love whom they choose and should be able to without being teased or ridiculed even in hip hop. 

Sada Baby Tyga out tweetBlack Chyna outing TygaAdam22 Sada Baby Tyga retweet dispute

Sada Baby has since deleted his tweet. What are your thoughts about all of this? Tyga has yet to chime in on all of this.