The Royal Bread and Butter:

How I made Royalty a global best-selling topic in the entertainment world.


Becoming a guest commentator as a German Prince was never my goal. I was merely on a mission to bring Royal FACTS to the people. To share the laws of chivalry that still existed among certain statesmen that ruled for literally hundreds of years. As an actor and television-host you have the power to influence the next trend. There is the potential to reveal new ideas, or long-buried thoughts, and to express these in a charismatic way. Finding the right turn of phrase captures the fantasy of viewers and mesmerizes the audience. An influential host seduces their following with natural communication skills, encouraging friends and fans to find their connection to the trend. 

The one topic I took to heart was Royals. Not just the history but the inside view on Royal lives, their dreams, their laughter, and their tears. Facts and not fabricated fiction. The true news and true stories. I became the number one expert in the entertainment industry on this hot topic and this led to phase two: My own show! Astro Royal was born. My hunch was proven correct about that missing news element of guaranteed interest: The Royals. 

I introduced this topic daily, as one sees done with Hollywood Celebrity news. The topic endures. Once the audience has a taste, there is no end to the appetite. Endlessly trending, these are the life stories of the nobility that captivate everyone on some level. 

This trend led to invitations for comments on ABC for the Prince William and Kate wedding, this we filmed in Central Park in New York City riding in a horse-drawn carriage. 

This was cleverly tied together by Emmy-winning producer Janice Mc Donald, who became a steadfast colleague from then on. This led to our recent comments on FOX news about the engagement of Prince Harry and ‘Suits’ star Meghan Markle. 

The next great wave was obvious in the print publication. Royals grace every cover, following my lead. There are no newsstands to be seen without royal covers. TV is no exception: shows aplenty with royal themes are both popular and successful, be they comedic or dramatic: The Royals, preceded The Crown, which scored at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards. 

I like to think that my efforts on behalf of the topic led to The Crown, an achievement in the world of entertainment. Even before my interest became a public matter, Royals were a political topic. That’s what they technically are: Head of state families. I forged the path towards making Royals human, a touchable topic. Families we live with. In joy and tears. 

Now that my initial mission is accomplished there are a million more topics to explore, and feature. Like seeing more of the Royal lives in a reality TV-show and docu-soaps about the Royals. Keep watching. 

Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe

Emmy Judge, Royals expert and inventor of the royal news and stories movement and host of Astro Royal and Astro Royal Hollywood.